Cliff & Terrie S. CPA Anaheim,CA

It is an absolute fact that the tax business is going south, and it will continue to go south in the upcoming years. Take our firm for example. In two short years, we went from having 700 clients to having only 600 clients. It wasn’t that long ago that we had 1200 clients! Unfortunately, clients pass away, they start using Turbo Tax or they just simply no longer have the level of income to need their taxes done.

The average small accounting practice gets 70% of their revenue from doing taxes—that business is declining at about 15% every year. That means, at the current rate, within five short years, one’s business could dwindle away completely. We needed a solution to keep the clients we had without having to raise prices. We also wanted to grow our client base without emptying our pockets on marketing.

That’s why my wife and I decided to add wealth management consulting to our practice and join America’s Tax Solutions. The ATS program lets us:

  • Help our clients preserve and protect their legacy from unnecessary taxation
  • Increase and accelerate our revenue
  • Protect our firm from possible litigation

We were impressed by the knowledge we received and the materials given. The easy to follow hands on training programs America’s Tax Solutions offers allows us to properly educate our clients and protect them in ways we couldn’t before.

The grand finale was when Barry Bulakites helped us conduct our first client workshop. We thought it was an educational experience for our clients. The presentation was so impactful, that when clients came into our office for their follow up appointments and beneficiary review, they were already pre-sold! One client even told us it was an “eye opener” for them.

We’ve been a member of America’s Tax Solutions for two months now, and have already made an extra $85,150. We recommend this program to any CPA who wishes to provide a value-added service to his clients, increase their revenue and bullet-proof their practice from potential litigation.

This system is truly turn-key. Barry and his team do what they say they’ll do. In our opinion, this is the real deal. Thank you, Barry!

Cliff & Terrie S., Anaheim, CA