World-class Training

Dominate your local market and eliminate the competition by becoming the Go-To Expert on IRAs and retirement tax reduction strategies.

Hosted by America’s Tax Solutions®, this 3-day program will teach you how to become the local expert in your community. As your clients’ most trusted advisor, you need to understand the retirement system in America and the role that retirement distribution planning plays in their lives.

This unparalleled invitation-only program will provide you with the necessary tools, resources and training to effectively meet the complex needs and demands of your clients in the areas of asset management, retirement distribution planning and wealth protection.

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CPA Academy

CPA Academy takes place over three days, with the first day beginning at 1pm. Training is scheduled for January, May, and July.

Known as “Top Gun” to our advisors, this program focuses on an anti-traditional sales strategy.


"I was confident of my sales abilities before, but that was based on old training that didn’t work very well. Now, with Table Bay’s Top Gun system, I have a solid foundation for heightened confidence. It works!"
Charles K.
“The first thing I did with Table Bay is attend Top Gun. Immediately after, I applied what I learned and not only significantly upgraded my practice, but upgraded my quality of life.”
Brian S.
“Because of what I learned from Table Bay, I have increased my closing ratio by more than 50%. The Anti-Traditional Sales System I learned from Top Gun means I no longer have to sell—my clients want to buy from me!”
Jason L.
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