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The demand for Cutting-Edge Marketing is undeniable. ONE MARKETING CHANNEL remains a viable, cost-effective, efficient opportunity to create a pipeline of qualified prospects with a real opportunity to turn them into long-term, mutually beneficial clients: ALLIANCES

CPA Direct helps financial professionals PARTNER with CPAs. As trusted Advisors, clients often look to their accountants for guidance and advice on a wide range of tax related and financial issues. But not all firms can offer a full solution to their clients, thus missing out on important business opportunities and a competitive edge. Designed to generate successful alliances between Advisors and CPAs, unlike other CPA marketing strategies out there, CPA Direct is unique in the industry in that dynamic solutions help financial and tax professionals focus on eliminating the volatile sales cycle that plagues the industry. COMMITMENT to our programs enables the financial professional to create opportunities to reach incredible levels of SUCCESS.

The Financial Services World is evolving...

What Advisors are Saying about CPA Direct...

“In this economic time, this couldn’t be more of a perfect strategy to work with CPAs and attorneys. I learned how to take what’s happening in the economy and harness that to really help people.”

John L.


“The knowledge about working with CPAs and leveraging strategic alliances is unsurpassed in the industry.”

Rob R.


“I was getting amazing training but also needed clients. With the CPA Direct Program, I almost immediately began building my client base.”

Rola H.


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