Join us, for a powerful event that will enable you to substantially elevate your business’ success as we move into a new world that offers exceptional opportunities. This 2-day Summit will provide the precise strategies and insights you need not just to make 2022 your best year ever, but to set the stage for significant growth in the years to come.

In many ways, the future will be different, radically different. The business of financial advice has changed continually over the past 40 years, but never more so than it has in just the past 2. By attending the summit, you will learn from some of today’s thought leaders about client acquisition, retirement portfolio advice, business management as well as a bevy of ideas and opportunities in a Post-Pandemic world.

In the highly regulated business of finance, where we all provide a similar cookie-cutter service, we need to ask ourselves, what am I doing to stand out from the crowd? By attending the 2022 Advisors Summit, you will not only find out how to stand out from the crowd, but become the single advisor of choice.

You Will Discover How To

Increase Your IUL and Annuity Sales

You will discover the hottest new strategies and tools, that the most successful and elite advisors are implementing this year

End Prospecting FOREVER

Yes, it is possible! Through the use of our exclusive opportunity, to work with our network of CPAs

Generate More Effective Client Appointments

Implement the most impactful techniques to increase the effectiveness and generate the most impact out of your client appointments

Deploy New Revenue Streams

Discover how to deploy new revenue streams while increasing the value you bring to your clients and prospects, by taking advantage of one of the strongest RIA platforms available

Utilize The New Tax Bill

Learn how to utilize the tax bill so it works for you and your clients now, and for years to come

Learn from a Speaker Who Has Seen it All And have helped people like YOU succeed in this ever-changing business

Barry Bulakites

President and CEO of Table Bay Financial Network

Mr. Bulakites is responsible for all of the Table Bay’s operations. Prior to joining Table Bay, he was the Executive Vice President of Sales Development and Marketing at Jackson National Life. He is the founder and visionary of America’s Tax Solutions® and the CPA Advantage Edge Programs. As one of the nation’s leading experts on IRA Distribution Planning he is considered a leading trainer in the financial services industry. He works with advisors and CPAs throughout America and does hundreds of speaking engagements annually.
Dale G.
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“Wow! Barry’s presentation this morning was fabulous. You know that I have struggled with the “notion” of FIA and FIUL for my entire financial services career since they came about. Today, I saw the light, became a believer and have become ‘converted’.”
Jim M.
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“Barry’s level of knowledge and how he communicates by teaching solutions is excellent. His system and the way it connects everyone is mind blowing”
Steve S.
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“I just came from a week long training event in San Diego. I have been in the business for over 35 years and have done a lot of training myself. I have never met anyone who can communicate with a client and/or CPA as well as Barry Bulakites. I have referred 3 CPAs to join the program because of the system that they have in place which helps the CPA and the Advisor work together and most importantly, communicate with the client the benefits of the tools that will help them.”
Gerald K.
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“Over the past two years, I have attended as many of Barry’s seminars as possible. He has flown out to my area several times to speak to my clients about issues related to beneficiary designation and all those who attended ended up gratified over the opportunity to learn things they hadn’t heard elsewhere. The advisors he introduced me to have also been professional and well received and have generated sizable commissions in which I have shared. In short, Barry has been a windfall to my practice both intellectually and financially. He is a wealth of knowledge, and I can confidently recommend all of his various Table Bay programs to financial advisors and CPAs alike.”
Jason M.
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“When I first met Barry at a meeting, I gravitated to Barry because dozens tried explaining annuities and Barry was the first one to explain it so I got it.”

All Attendees Will Be Staying at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and convention Center in gorgeous denver, colorado

With it’s convenient location, come right off the plane and into a space where your career can change forever. Also enamor at the lavish views of the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy 5 delicious restaurants, many bars, and lots of fun activities to enjoy after the sessions!

With it’s comfy interior and cozy suites, The Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center is the perfect place to relax after an invigorating day of world-class training. 

How Much Does an Event Like This Cost?

Unlike other conferences, we want to make sure you get the most out of your education. That is why we have discounted the cost, so you can focus on the amazing world-class knowledge and NOT the price tag.

We also make sure when you leave, you have an action plan that will tremendously help your business see a 200%-500% increase in revenue.

Is this Event Right for You?

If you are an annuities and life insurance producer and want to learn how to beat the competition, this is the right place for you! Learn more under our Why Attend section for more information.

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