World-class Training

The Pinnacle Coaching Program is designed to help advisors maximize their skills and achieve EXTRAORDINARY results.

We reveal our proven, cutting-edge, total immersion coaching program that delivers dramatic results immediately.

We are so confident that we can change the way you sell and maximize your opportunities to increase your income exponentially, that we GUARANTEE IT!

This series takes place in three parts (in-person training varies based on the section) or over 42 hours (2 hours per week virtually).


“The training experience for me has been a great eye opener. Over the years of my financial services career, I had implemented a few of the techniques and processes, but certainly not to any extent of that which you are teaching and I am learning. I have felt numerous times over the past weeks of training that, although I wanted to be the very best advisor for my clients, I have fallen way short. I could have done so much more and have been so much more thorough."
Dale G.
“You make the coaching so interesting that the time seems to fly during our sessions. Each one adds a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciate what you are doing for us. I'm looking forward to putting into action what we are learning.”
Bill C.
“The Pinnacle Coaching program has solidified so many of the concepts and other trainings that we have all been on before. It feels like it’s a one-on-one training. I like the classroom setting and the format itself is very hands on. The material covered is always on point but the engagement and interaction level makes this one extra special , especially for newbies like myself."
Francheska D.
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