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In addition to knowing how to find potential clients and speak their language, it is imperative that an advisor understands the products he/she is offering. Our two-day Product Boot Camp course ensures you know specific products inside and out, and know if it is the right product for your clients. 

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Product Boot Camp

Product Boot Camp takes place over two days.

Our next Product Boot Camp will take place in Greenwood Village, CO (11am–2pm Eastern/8am–11am Pacific)

To learn about the specific speakers/agenda, please contact us.

If you would like to attend our next Product Boot Camp, keep an eye for our upcoming events tab.


“With 18 years in the Wealth Management Industry, Table Bay Financial has exceeded all of my metrics for what I consider a dependable [FMO] partnership to be. Their product support helps my firm differentiate itself from its competitors, Table Bay is truly the place to be."
Ken D.
"My clients have already benefited tremendously from specific life products, noting their ideal features and appropriate place in a Tax-Free Retirement strategy for many of my clients. I firmly believe that to be successful and help your clients, you need to show them what they need to know by illustrating everything."
Jason L.
"Table Bay supports advisors with a myriad of concepts, tools, and programs, including specific product training. Thank you Table Bay, the premier FMO in America."
Charles K.
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