Marketing Advantage

Before 2020, the financial services industry worked best in a face-to-face environment, given its somewhat sensitive subject. The COVID-19 pandemic changed all of that, and while many hunkered down and hoped that the pandemic would pass quickly, Table Bay pivoted to the New Normal, and was ready to help our Advisors in the new Virtual World. 


"I realized I had to change my image in a way that I always presented myself as the expert. I couldn't have done it without Table Bay."
Marc W.
“This is a new world for me. Nevertheless, it is a fascinating world and I am really loving the experience. You make the coaching so interesting that the time seems to fly during our sessions. Each one adds a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciate what you are doing for us. I'm looking forward to putting into action what we are learning.”
Bill C.
"I've really appreciated Barry's webinars during the pandemic. I know these take a lot of time and effort to produce. Unlike so many presenters, he doesn't simply read from a script. He delivers in a conversational manner current information seasoned by years of experience.”
Gary H.
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