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Learn about the strategy that is rattling retirement funding!

Are you looking for the perfect Tax-Free Retirement prospecting, presentation and closing system? Our Tax-Free Retirement System is the HOTTEST sales opportunity in financial services today using the ultimate wealth building retirement strategy. You can make money regardless of stock market volatility and clients can access their money anytime they want TAX-FREE.

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Tax-Free Retirement

Tax-Free Retirement School takes place over two days, as needed.

The next School is in Greenwood Village, CO

A tax-free retirement is possible, if you know how.

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"My clients have already benefited tremendously from a Tax-Free Retirement strategy. I firmly believe that to be successful and help your clients, you need to show them what they need to know by illustrating everything. The life illustrations help my clients effectively conceptualize the Tax-Free Retirement idea.”
Jason L.
“Barry Bulakites opened our eyes to the prospect of additional earnings by adding a financial management aspect to our practice and showing our clients how they can diversify these retirement funds into more conservative investments."
Gerald K.
"Exceeded Expectations! The Subject Matter and Message, needs to be heard by ALL AMERICANS. It Impacts not only yourself, but your immediate family and Heirs. The Presentation was more than a Message; the content incites a "Mission", that this knowledge MUST be SHARED, with EVERYONE."
Robert D.
“I have to admit, at first I thought I didn’t need to talk to my clients about this strategy. I received over $300,000 in commissions in one month. Now I talk to all of my clients about it.”
Brian S.
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