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There are 3 things Advisors control that can generate 2,400 selling opportunities per year. The financial services industry is complex and competition among producers is constantly increasing. The demand for expertise in products and services has never been greater.

Shift your practice into gear by enrolling in the best training and marketing program in America! Over three days, Advisors will acquire valuable techniques, essential tools and necessary skills to effectively sell to their clients. When properly implemented, Advisors can expect to achieve DRAMATIC growth through Table Bay’s extraordinary program.

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Top Gun

Top Gun takes place over two days, with the first day beginning at 9am. 

Our next Top Gun will take place in Table Bay’s Headquarters in Greenwood Village, CO.

Known as “Top Gun” to our advisors, this program focuses on an anti-traditional sales strategy.

If you would like to attend our next Top Gun, keep an eye for our upcoming events tab.


"I was confident of my sales abilities before, but that was based on old training that didn’t work very well. Now, with Table Bay’s Top Gun system, I have a solid foundation for heightened confidence. It works!"
Charles K.
“The first thing I did with Table Bay is attend Top Gun. Immediately after, I applied what I learned and not only significantly upgraded my practice, but upgraded my quality of life.”
Brian S.
“Because of what I learned from Table Bay, I have increased my closing ratio by more than 50%. The Anti-Traditional Sales System I learned from Top Gun means I no longer have to sell—my clients want to buy from me!”
Jason L.
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